NEWS · 09/06/2015

E-PlatForm and Confcommercio of Pesaro and Urbino have signed a Memorandum of Understanding

President Scacciaferro at Confcommercio

E-Platform President, Giovanni Scacciaferro, and Amerigo Varotti, Confcommercio Pesaro e Urbino's CEO Amerigo Varotti, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the entities they run.

The meeting, held in Pesaro, laid the foundations for the exchange of planning visions, supported by experience and skills resulting from their activity, with the aim of creating new strategies, always respecting local and traditional identities.

This agreement will offer to Marche's SMEs the great opportunity to join an International marketing and trade partner to foster their appeal in foreign countries.

The meeting was also attended by John Arceci and Giuliana Poli.


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