Improve your business opportunities by accessing global markets thanks to the proper internationalisation know-how

Vision & Mission

The strategic consultancy to expand your business globally

We possess the proper know-how and expertise to internationalise your business in the markets we directly oversee, thanks to our activity in 15 countries and our 40+ year experience. Every company has its distinctive features. Every country its own peculiarities. Coordinating such things and finding the right balance is our bread and butter.


  • Local monitoring

    Thanks to operating branches in the countries we are present, we can directly evaluate the market, as well as its trends and potential
  • Active presence

    We can immediately contact local enterprises thanks to our partner entrepreneurs that are locally deep-rooted.
  • International commodities

    We manage commodity deals all over the world, with maximum confidentiality and professionalism, connecting selected companies which reputation and financial status are thoroughly checked.
  • Facilitated access

    We can safely circumvent entry barriers and international hurdles thanks to the combination of experience and relationships with entrepreneurs and institutions.
  • Simple communication

    Thanks to e-PlatForm you will enter a network where companies are in constant communication both online and offline. Hence, we can provide absolute ease of connection between parties.
  • Consolidated services

    Thanks to our business consultancy network, we provide services that go from logistics to M&A, from finance to legal support.


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