NEWS · 14/12/2016

E-PlatForm looking for partners in Vietnam

E-PlatForm President at the Vietrade headquarters

Dec. 13th and 14th, 2016, Hanoi (VIetnam).

E-PlatForm's President and Founder Giovanni Scacciaferro, together with economic consultant Bui Vuong Anh, has participated to a plethora of meetings with Vietnamese institutions and media for the last two days.

Meetings were aimed at promoting e-PlatForm at the institutional level and look for reliable partners that could share e-PlatForm's project vision.

The first of these meetings took place at  VCCI (Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry): e-PlatForm discussed with the authority the necessity to look for and select some local enterprises that could be our partners. The goal here is to find the right partner for a dedicated branch of the B2B portal in Vietnam.

Afterwards, President Scacciaferro was then received at "Hanoi Business Association" headquarters. HBA' Secretary General, Nguyen Hong Son, was openly positive about helping e-PlatForm in finding the right local partner to set up the local branch.

Then it was the turn of Vietrade (Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency), that specialises in promoting FDIs inflows in Vietnam. Vietrade highlighted which industries embeds the best investment opportunities in Vietnam and how Vietrade and e-PlatForm could cooperate in this field.

Eventually, President Scacciaferro was interviewed by local media about the e-PlatForm project and the future possibilities to meet and invest into the growing country of Vietnam.


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