NEWS · 06/09/2016

e-PlatForm is back in India

E-PlatForm President Giovanni Scacciaferro in India

President Giovanni Scacciaferro visited India and met our local partners to have a grasp of the local state of the economic outlook and foster the development of e-PlatForm India with our honored partners Mister Vijay Tiwari and Miss Laxmi Thakur Singhal.

Make in India is growing tremendously transforming India into something more than a production hub.

Different political, economical and social factors along with a developed service sector are the reasons that attract foreign investors in various sectors of the country’s economy. The expenses for consumer goods have soared, placing India on a trajectory that will transform it into the biggest market for consumption goods in 2025. Among the largest demand sectors will be entertainment, health care, pharmaceuticals and jewelry.

According to some forecasts, by 2025, 23 million Indians will belong to the ranking of the country's most affluent citizens. E-PlatForm CEO, President and Founder Giovanni Scacciaferro, has been in contact with this wonderful country through the Indian Chamber of Commerce. Now together with e-PlatForm they will strengthen the relations and stabilize important agreements and development projects with leading authorities and industries of India.

In issuing this piece of news we once again thank our honored partners.


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