NEWS · 31/01/2018

e-PlatForm reaches agreement with Bahrain's Chamber of Commerce

(From left) connection agent Volpini, e-PlatForm Middle East President Varghese, Bahrain Chamber Of Commerce Director Al Moosa, President Scacciaferro and Area Manager Sherani

A strategic agreement has been reached with the Head of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce, ahead of the e-PlatForm presentation organised by e-PlatForm Middle East.

The main focus of the agreement will be an improved cooperation between e-PlatForm and local companies (with a target of 6000 companies to be registered in the portal) with the active support of e-PlatForm Middle East.

The agreement was finalised by Bahrain Chamber of Commerce's Director Mubarak Al Moosa together with CEO Scacciaferro and e-Platform Middle East President Cherian Varghese. 

Area Manager Jawar Sherani and connection agent Sergio Volpini, now durably in Bahrain as mediator between Italy and Middle East, will be directly involved to reach the target. 


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