NEWS · 30/09/2019

E-PlatForm participates to the SMEs Trade and Investment Forum

President Scacciaferro at the Tianjin Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export

During the SMEs Trade and Investment Forum (held in Tianjin, September 25 to 27, 2019), important meetings with Chinese Government State Corporations and local institution took place.

Thanks to our partner and dear friend, Mister Liu Jinquan, our work in China is always top-tier. With his support, significant cooperation agreements with leading companies of various industries (food and beverage, logistics, textile, automotive, consumer electronics, energy and power...) have initialed.

As usual, we encourage all companies interested in such developments to register to the portal and compete their profile in detail. Companies with thorough pages and company profiles will gain access to our network business development opportunities.

I would like to remark that registration is for free and operations are run with a success fee formula.


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