NEWS · 17/01/2018

e-PlatForm Middle East is here

President Scacciaferro with our ME Partners

It is truly an historical day for e-PlatForm: E-PlatForm Middle East WLL has been founded.

The newborn company will take form as a Joint Venture between VIN Technologies and e-PlatForm. VIN President Cherian Varghese was hosted at our headquarter to make the agreement official and define the business plan aimed at the development in the Gulf area.

E-PlatForm Middle East will open huge opportunities to foster the worldwide network, with big sized project and equally interesting trade opportunities.

Several Memorandums of Understanding were signed, with high expectations and an extremely positive long-term outlook.

VIN Technologies will also give an initial contribution: over a thousand companies coming from a plethora of countries will be added to e-PlatForm's database.

It has been a demanding work, negotiations has lasted for months: finally an enticing and fantastic outcome.


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