NEWS · 29/03/2019

E-PlatForm in Tianjin with Liu Jinquan

President Scacciaferro (behind flag) at Flying Pigeon's factory

After having met in Italy (both in Rome and in Crema, at e-PlatForm's), President Scacciaferro flew to Tianjin, China, to meet Doctor Liu Jinquan (Delegate for international economic and cultural Exchange for the Tianjin Municipality and also Delegate for international trading, China Association Overseas Investments.

Doctor Liu planned e-PlatForm's president visit to align with the Bicycle & e-Bike Fair, where e-PlatForm joined as honored guest thanks to the invitation by Xuequan Liu, President of Tianjin Bicycle & E-Bicycle Industry Association. E-PlatForm aims to develop the industry that is remarkably dynamic according to present data, growth projections and the rising awareness about sustainability.

E-PlatForm is now a privileged partner for all the associates of Tianjin Bicycle & E-Bicycle Association, that will join our worldwide database.

Scacciaferro also had the chance to visit some of the biggest bicycle and battery factories in the world, and finalized deals to internationalize such industries in all the countries e-PlatForm operates and/or has a branch.

In the following months, e-PlatForm China will launch in Tianjin, joint venturing with local entrepreneurs and supported by Doctor Liu Jinquan.

Another cornerstone in building e-PlatForm's global network.


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