NEWS · 23/11/2018

E-PlatForm and companies attending an international B2B event

President Scacciaferro (right) with foreign buyers

E-PlatForm attended an international B2B event, where companies registered to the portal belonging to the industries of wine, home brewed beer, and jams were the protagonists.

Followed during the whole day by President Scacciaferro and Dr. Vito Baturi, companies met international buyers coming from a variety of countries: Russia, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, U.A.E., Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Spain, UK, Palestine, Austria, France, Hunghary, Japan, and Jordan. 

Given that the food and beverage industry is trending and is projected to become even more international for italian companies, our registered companies had the chance to directly negotiate with foreign buyers and expand their customer base and distribution network potential.


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