NEWS · 30/09/2019

E-Bikes to be our next developmental project

E-PlatForm in charge of e-bike market development in Europe for Chinese Manufacturers

The september bonanza of developments comprises another key one.

E-PlatForm has reached an agreement with the Tianjin Bicycle & E-Bike Industrial Association, and has been appointed to explore the European market and propose a strategic, industry development to first of all penetrate major European markets, an initiative pursuant to a growing market with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate projected at roughly 17% by 2022.

Consequent to the listing in major European market will be the expansion in other countries, regions and continents. 

E-PlatForm will also be in charge of managing and overseeing the main industry exhibitions in mainland Europe (in Italy, Germany, France and Spain).

A dedicated area of our portal will be destined to all companies working with the Tianjin Bicycle & E-Bike Industrial Association.


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