NEWS · 17/01/2020

China 2020 with e-PlatForm

Tianjin, home of e-PlatForm China Headquarters

E-PlatForm and Tianjin T&B Holding Co., Ltd ( will manage the China 2020 undertaking. Born from a series of bilateral meetings,  the agreement aims to promote internationalization programs and mutual investments.

Developing long term stable business is the target: e-PlatForm will manage negotiations with local and international entrepreneurs while Tianjin T&B Holding Co. Ltd will oversee all logistics processes, shipments and worldwide forwarding.

Starting January 2020, e-PlatForm will have an operative office at Tianjin T&B Holding Co.Ltd's headquarters, to set up business meetings with local companies to get development projects the go-ahead.

Tianjin T&B Holding Co. Ltd will select qualified partnership according to any project's goal. Dedicated customized meetings will be set up according to companies' proposals and the specific interest in the local market.

Companies registered to our portal will be selected and their entrepreneurial initiatives and plans will be presented. 

Any product can be put forward and we will take care of managing the meetings, selecting companies who may perform better according to market potential.

If interested, please contact us at the following: , +39 3479505495 oppure ai nostri uffici, +39 0373204839 chiedendo del personale e-PlatForm dedicato alla Cina.


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