NEWS · 19/01/2018

President Scacciaferro signs to open e-PlatForm Vietnam

President Scacciaferro signing

Jan. 5th, 2017

E-PlatForm kicks off 2017 with significant breaking news: the agreement to launch e-PlatForm Vietnam has been finalised.

The fruit of our diplomatic work in 2016 is now ripe for success.

Last year, our CEO first handedly involved and met Vietnamese institutions both in Italy (first) and then in the nation capital Hanoi (later).

CEO's enthusiasm, positivity, and background, together with the soundness of the e-PlatForm project, convinced local authority to back us up.

Thanks to their help we were able to find the reliable and successful partner we needed to launch e-PlatForm VIetnam, that will be the beacon for our development in the ASEAN area.

A special thank to the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry for all we did together.


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