Reach users thanks to our B2C Marketplace web sales system.

Vision & Mission

A complete service to reach consumers.

The E-Commerce for companies registered in our database that are interested to improve their business with our own web sale system.


  • No commitment deriving from using the technological platform

    The B2C account can be completely managed by e-PlatForm back office while always being in contact with the seller.
  • Sale process cost control

    Promotion towards consumers is managed entirely by e-PlatForm. Costs turn from fixed to variable thanks to our success fee based revenue model.
  • Negotiations and operations traceability

    Payment and shipping are managed by specialized operators, reliable partner that have been doing this for ages. The user can also constantly monitor transactions thanks to the account "reports" area.
  • No extra costs, no technical infrastructure expenses and no license fee

    Companies that want to enter the e-commerce world have often to bear high and not profitable initial costs. E-PlatForm's B2C Marketplace software provides registered companies the possibility of opening a store and sell without fixed costs.
  • Higher contribution margin

    Registered companies increase margins thanks to customer retention and supply chain shrinking.
  • Immediate cash-in of earnings

    Companies can withdraw their earnings directly thanks to the “Withdraw” account function. No intermediation needed.

Registration is simple and entry cost-free.

No entry costs, only a commission for every finalised sale.

Registration requirements

  • VAT registration number
  • Have a website
  • Registration to the chamber of commerce
  • No pending lawsuits


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