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Pillow Aloefeel

(ENG) This Pillow with a futuristic design has been studied to allow the maintenance of the perfect position for a refreshing rest. Made in the Aloefeel material with the slow releasing micro-capsules of Aloe Vera. It is entirely Made in Italy.

(ESP) Esta almohada con un diseño futurista ha sido estudiado para permitir el mantenimiento de la posición perfecta para un descanso reparador. Hecho en el material Aloefeel con la lenta liberación de micro-cápsulas de Aloe Vera. Se produce íntegramente en Italia.

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Pillow SAP G Aloe 2


  • Model SAP G
  • Material Aloefeel
  • Size 72x42x13 cm
  • Colour Green
  • Jersey Cotton Sewn
  • TNT/PVC Bag Green

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