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(ENG) Slow-return visco-elastic foam Mattress, composed of three layers: Aloefeel, Viscopur, Aqupur. The first layer of MARGHERITA Mattress is enriched with Aloe Vera micro-capsules: therefore, it has moisturizing properties, and provides a relaxing and refreshing sleep. Thanks to the two covers, removable and with zippers, MARGHERITA is a practical and hygienic mattress. Furthermore, the 3D fabric side band provides this product with good transpiring properties.

(ITA) Materasso realizzato in schiuma viscoelastica a lento ritorno, composto da tre strati con incollaggio a base d'acqua, senza l'impiego di solventi: Aloefeel, Viscopur, Aqupur. Densità Firm. Lo strato superiore del materasso MARGHERITA, arricchito con aloe, ha proprietà idratanti, per un riposo ristoratore e rilassante. Grazie ai due rivestimenti, sfoderabili e dotati di cerniera zip, il materasso MARGHERITA si presenta comodo ed igienico. La fascia laterale 3D, infine, è concepita per garantire una maggiore traspirabilità del prodotto.

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  • Size 190x160x25 cm
  • First Layer Aloefeel - foam with vegetal oils and Aloe Vera microcapsules
  • Second Layer Viscopur - slow-return visco-elastic foam
  • Third Layer Aqupur - high-density water-foamed polyurethane
  • Density Firm
  • Internal Cover 100% PL. Colour: white. Removable
  • External Cover Quilted, with Zipper. 100% PL. Colour: white. Removable. Hypoallergenic. With handles and 3D fabric side band
  • Design (external cover) Quilted circles. Colour: silver
  • Origin Made in italy
  • Packaging Box

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