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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans - 1Kg Bag with valve - Coffee Blend: ESPRESSO ORO / Caffè in grani EDOR CAFFE - Busta con valvola - 1Kg - Qualità ESPRESSO ORO EDOR CAFFE 

EXW Price - MOQ: 1 Pallet - 504 Kg EURO 6,50/kG / Prezzo EXW - Quantità Minima 1 pallet - 504 Kg  

Miscela/Coffee Blend: 80% Arabica - 20% Robusta

Our coffee blends are produced with the best green coffee quality, selected directly in the country of origin. With our typical roasting process we can obtain the right aroma and taste of Espresso Napoletano

Throughout the entire production process we are constantly striving for one goal: to retain the full aroma of each freshly roasted coffee bean. Our high-quality raw beans are roasted according to the desired result, type of bean and country of origin. Then, we mix together to obtain our special coffee blends.

ESPRESSO ORO combine the interaction of various origins within a unique blend. It represent the harmony of aromas, the balance of acidity and mildness.

ESPRESSO ORO is a special blend made from the finest Robusta and the best Arabica from Brazil and the Central America. Unique aroma and full flavour of classic Espresso. 

We guarantee the best Italian Espresso Coffee, with a real competitive price!

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Espresso ORO luminoso


  • Bag with valve / Busta con valvola 1 kg
  • Coffee Blend / Miscela 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta
  • Quality / qualità ESPRESSO ORO EDOR CAFFE
  • 1 pallet 504 kg

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