Prepared side dishes

Chilli Paste (350g)

Use of Chilli Paste:

  • As a marinade (think roast and barbecue – meat and vegetables)
  • As a sandwich flavour filler
  • As a condiment
  • As a dipping sauce
  • As a cooking ingredient (for stir fries, omelettes, pies and tarts)
  • For jazzing up the good old mayo and any salad dressing

There are so many ways to use either chilli paste, whether to make Nasi Goreng (Malay or Indonesian Fried Rice), Mee Goreng (Malay or Indian Fried Noodles) or to use it to marinate anything. It is great love using it as a condiment too, much like a dipping sauce or sambal, because that’s what it is, a sambal! In fact, it could be the paste in magnificent ethnic cooking, such as Eurasian Prawn Sambal Bostador, and for frying noodles in Mee Siam Kuah from Singapore and Malaysia.

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Chilli paste


  • Chilli Paste (350g) USD 3.85

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