NEWS · 13/02/2018

e-PlatForm Middle East inizia a collaborare con la Camera di Commercio e Industria del Bahrain

Bahrain, Febbraio 2018 - Il presidente di e-PlatForm M.E. CherianVarghese ha incontrato la B.C.C.I.

E-PlatForm Middle East continua a lavorare a quattro mani con la Camera di Commercio e Industria del Bahrain (B.C.C.I., Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry). 

Il personale locale continua nel lavoro di espansione della nostra rete di partner istituzionali, e a margine dell'ultimo incontro, la Camera di Commercio del Bahrain ha rilasciato la seguente nota (in lingua inglese):

Subject: E-Platform Business Bridge

Details: We are pleased to inform you that the Italian company “E-Platform Business Bridge” has visited Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 
The company, with a history of 40 years’ experience in business organization and management, strategic marketing, sales development and entrepreneurial relationships, is specialized in establishing electronic platform, which provides new business opportunities to both local and international markets.

E-Platform is a cloud based platform network of companies which bridges certified listed companies for trading of goods and services and helps expanding the investment opportunities.
The most important characteristics of the E-Platform are:

·         Increase potential suppliers

·         Suppliers and Buyers scouting

·         Only Certified Companies

·         Pursuit of best solutions

Therefore, for further information in regards of the E-platform, kindly do not hesitate to visit the link below to view the company's brochure:
E-Platform Brochure 
or visit the company’s official website:

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