NEWS · 21/09/2018

Development in China with Only Italia

Presidents Scacciaferro and Pivetti (in the mid.) in China


President Scacciaferro's last journey takes us to Cina.

Cooperation and mutual development agreements for entrepreneurship and trade have been undersigned thanks to the cooperation with Doctor Irene Pivetti (President of Only Italia).

Doctor Pivetti's long tenure of over ten years of consolidated relationships in China also fostered meetings with local institutions and the participation to top-tier promotional events. Scheduled to launch by the end of 2018, e-PlatForm China will involve Only Italia and local entrepreneurs, aiming at strengthening our presence in China and establish long-term, solid relationships.

Overall, China's development continues skyrocketing in economics, environmental awareness, and infrastructure, looking at both Europe and Italy as primary partners. We are participating in economic and cultural paramount projects.

Hence, Joint Venture possibilities have risen in various industries, as the participation to infrastructural endeavors, import/export trading, environmental sustainability, as well as renewable energy, food farming and new production, processing and preservation technologies.

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